AdvanceRetail software is designed to transform the retail counter from a point of sale to a point of service. By providing sales associates with timely relevant information on product availability, promotions, and customers, AdvanceRetail empowers staff to deliver exceptional customer service. 

At AdvanceRetail we realize that a retail store environment is unique, a situation where staff turnover is usually high, often with a large number of part time staff, and customer expectations are higher still. To this end, AdvanceRetail solutions are designed with a core principle of simplicity of use to ensure minimal training time for staff.


To provide retailers with the flexibility they require, AdvanceRetail incorporates a wide range of standard and optional software modules designed to manage all aspects of a retailers operations, including:

  • Point Of Sale
  • Layby / Layaway Sales
  • Customer Special Orders management
  • Repairs/alterations Sales tracking
  • Price & Promotions Management
  • Purchase Order Control
  • Inter-store Transfers
  • Customer Marketing / Loyalty
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Inventory Control
  • Stocktake Management
  • Staff Performance Management

The AdvanceRetail Business Service Integration framework allows customers to customise the operation of their POS solution, integrating third party applications and workflows within the standard AdvanceRetail application.

The Price & Promotions module allows users to create and manage price changes, markdowns and promotions on a date range basis. Advanced Promotions provide the ability to create a range of special or promotional offers, including:

  • Mix and match pricing
  • Volume or quantity discounts
  • Set and package prices
  • Companion item discounts
  • VIP offers for loyalty customers

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