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about advanceretail retail solutions

We've been in the software business for over 40 years, and the last 25 of these have been dedicated to meeting the technology needs of retailers.

Our solutions deliver a seamless in-store experience, and our standards-based architecture supports tight integration with third party applications including ERP, CRM and more.

Any technology solution is only as good as people who deliver and support the solution, and we are justifiably proud of the professional services capabilities we offer our clients.  With a wide range of business and technical skill sets, our professional services staff have years of experience working in diverse retail environments.  We have extensive experience working within both large and small projects, and our flexible, pragmatic approach to delivery allows us to integrate with the project management and reporting requirements of inter-dependent projects.

AdvanceRetail Technology is a subsidiary of 3Q Holdings Limited and a member of the Island Pacific group of companies.

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