AdvanceRetail SmartBI

Business Intelligence for Retailers

The lifeblood of retail is knowledge and information.  With good data and data mining and reporting tools key retail decisions can be made in a timely and accurate way to help maximise sales and optimise inventory.   The AdvanceRetail SmartBI business intelligence suite delivers powerful data insights across your retail systems information within a familiar and easy to use reporting framework.

 AdvanceRetail SmartBI allows data from multiple source systems to be combined into a single integrated reporting solution.  Information can be delivered as static reports, mobile real-time reports, and power user reports leveraging Microsoft Excel pivot functionality.

  • Data warehouse built on industry standard analysis services technology allowing integration with third-party reporting solutions
  • Open integration architecture that supports combining multiple data sources into a single reporting solution.  Data from different solutions, e.g. ERP inventory and master data, POS sales transactional data, CRM customer and loyalty programme data, Government census and demographic information, other third-party datasets, can be loaded, validated and aggregated into the SmartBI data warehouse via a generic data staging process.
  • Pre-built ‘data cubes’ providing pivot table analysis of sales, inventory, customers, staff etc. in a familiar Excel user interface.
  • Reporting Services reports for delivery of static information to various report subscribers.
  • Mobile reporting using HTML5 technology to provide live reporting of sales performance ‘on the go’.

Familiar Excel Interface

The power user Excel interface is provided via a "Master Workbook"

This workbook includes pre-built worksheets to deliver a series of common business enquiries including views for:

  • Sales KPIs, Sales Trends, Month on Month Sales
  • Top / Bottom Sellers, Category Sales, Style Analysis
  • Inventory KPIs, Out of Stocks, Dead Stock, Aged Stock
  • Customer Sales, Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) analysis
  • Supplier KPIs, Order fulfilment accuracy by time, units & cost
  • Product affinity – what sells with what

Information on the go

Data for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices

Provides users with dynamic, realtime sales and margin information across all stores and regions, as well as historical comparative data.


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