AdvanceRetail SmartStore

Untether your sales associates and assist customers from anywhere on the sales floor.

SmartStore Mobile POSAdvanceRetail SmartStore mobilises your store staff, allowing them to serve customers anywhere, not just at the POS counter.

Built to take advantage of todays smart mobile devices, AR SmartStore runs on Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows.  Choose to combine fixed counter and mobile point of sales touch points so that your sales associates can assist customers and complete the sale on the spot.



iStock_000025566023_Web.pngInformation to help close the sale

AdvanceRetail SmartStore arms your sales associates with full product and sales information, as well as the customer's complete sales history.   


Charging SmartStore Mobile POSflexible and powerful

AdvanceRetail SmartStore supports all in-store functions on standard smart devices, including point of sale transactions, stocktake, inter-store transfers, stock receipting and more.