Software enhancements & customisation

In addition to the extensive functionality available from our comprehensive suite of retail applications, we also offer a range of development services from our Development team.

These services can leverage the Business Services Integration (BSI) SDK framework for POS and Head Office / Back Office or can be targeted at bespoke utility and application development or enhancements to the core application range.  Development services include:


  • Business requirements analysis, specification development and application design.
  • BSI Plug-in development for customised workflows and functions within the POS and Head Office / Back Office applications.  Example plug-ins include customised customer search, selection and editing, external loyalty programme integration, customised marketing campaign execution at POS, warranty and insurance management, and display of third party information within POS (e.g. ERP inventory data, CRM customer data, stock availability data, etc.).
  • Custom enhancements to core applications, these are typically controlled via configuration options but can also be linked to customer license keys to protect the intellectual property contained within the enhancement
  • Development of companion applications that work alongside the core applications.  Examples include a master data management solution for creating and ranging products in AdvanceRetail, a consignment stock utility for processing ASN’s into stores and reporting consignment sales and stock levels to vendors, and an electronic shelf label interface.
  • Development of customised reports that can be run and scheduled via the Head Office / Back Office reports modules or printed from POS on an ad hoc basis or as part of the end of day process.
  • Quality Assurance services for application testing and acceptance.  We have worked with a number of customers to help build a suite of automated regression tests that can be run on the customer site as part of an upgrade project.
  • Technical Consultancy.  We have skilled and certified technical consultants within the team who have worked closely with customers to help with infrastructure and system integration projects.