Covid-19 Support

The impact of the national lockdowns on retailers is unprecedented and dramatic, with many customers seeing their revenues plummet to near zero.  As we approach a point where stores are again able to open, for many the ability to record customers visiting the store will be a key requirement.

AdvanceRetail have responded by releasing a new Contract Tracing app, which is being provided free of charge to all clients.  This allows staff to quickly and securely capture contact details for clients entering the store, as well as tracking other visitors (including tradespeople, and supplier reps), staff and couriers.

A new module within the Store Portal suite, the Contact Tracing app deploys in minutes, and supports any device running Windows, iOS, Android or ChromeOS – including tablets, phones and desktop PCs.

All customer data is securely encrypted and can be readily made available to Government agencies in the event a customer is later confirmed as having contracted Covid-19.

For more information please speak with your AdvanceRetail account manager.